BIDC Judo Club from white to black belt

We carry the name Numazaki Toshiyaki in honor of Aruba's greatest sensei !


Physical education discipline obedience respect self confidence self esteem by sport recreation and self defence all in one martial art Judo.


Teacher : Herbert Olive

Degree   :1 DAN by AJB

Tainings:Applying science into sports by COA

             Technical and Didactical Judo by IOC "International Olympic Comittee"

               Selfdefence Techniques by  Marines Korps  Savaneta Aruba

               What to do during an armend robbery by senior seargant at police force                   in Aruba Mr. Arcenio Murray  




We are pleased to provide you with general information on Judo  click here for wikipedia judo


 Jigoro Kano was the founder of Judo he established Kodokan Judo in Japan click here for  KODOKAN



Just like all sports Judo also has an international federation click here for  IJF    International Judo Federation 



Hope to have informed you properly and to meet you in the DOJO.