BIDC Judo Club from white to black belt

We carry the name Numazaki Toshiyaki in honor of Aruba's greatest sensei !

Enrolement and membership fee's

YMCA dakota general club membership is AWG 100,00 for the year this has to be paid every school year at YMCA office for more information about payments and all the YMCA members bennefits please call 5823072 during week days between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.   

Your first training is free as a Judo trail with BIDC Judo Club we kindly ask you to contact YMCA office in case you would like to make use of the trail.

After using the Judo trail a one training session of 1 hour is possible at the cost of AWG 10,00.

BIDC Judo Club enrolement fee is a one time payment of AWG 25,00 non refundable and is valid for the existence of the club . The enrolement fee includes that you will receive a  Judo passport, Club news and pictures taken during training will be send to members through the internet.   

BIDC Judo Club Silver membership is a recreational program The price is AWG 255 per year "non refundable ". You can participate once a week. We gives you the facility to make 3 payments of AWG 85,00. First payment April 5th, second payment May 5th,and third payment June 5th, The Judo school year starts 3th, week of August and ends the last week in the month of June. You may participate once a week.

BIDC Judo Club Gold membership is for sport competitive purpose. The price is AWG 300 per year " non refundable ". You can train twice a week and participate in Judo competition.The membership should be be paid is  two instalments. Fist payment April 5th, AWG 150. Second payment AWG 150 no later then May 5th.. You can train twice a week and participate in Judo competition.  

Self defense Techniques and skills every body should now !                                                                          Private sessions or group sessions for security and police officers                                                                      


Billing and method of payment

The inscription fee is not included in the membership fee’s payment. Your annual invoice will be send to your email address. If you are not up to date with your payments you are not allowed to be on the premises where our activities are being held. In order to make payments simply deposit on our account # 826 023 01 at Banco di Caribe Vondellaan # 31 using the code JUDO and place your first and last name when doing so, or write a check to Business Intelligence Development Company  we will send your receipt of payment threw email when doing so.